C4-C5, C5-C6, C6-C7, Disc Herniation Symptoms

neck spine model, cervical disc herniationCervical disc herniations can be a painful and scary condition, but the availability of non surgical, non invasive treatment can help reduce the anxiety of dealing with a painful, debilitating condition, and the often confusing process of finding answers. Becasue of the origin and distribution of the brachial plexus nerves, the pain associated with a cervical herniation can range from shoulder pain to pain similar to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some common symptoms and their associated herniations, and the sensory distribution are as follows:

C4-C5 Disc herniation
Sensory Distribution: The Deltoid area
Pain Area: Neck, Shoulder, anterior (front) arm.
This herniation can cause a change in the reflexes of the biceps muscle, and also causes weakness in the Deltoid and Biceps.

C5-C6 Disc herniation
Sensory Distribution: The thumb, index dorsum (top) of the forearm
Pain Area: Neck, shoulder, lateral area of arm, and hand.
A C5-C6 herniation can cause a reflex change in the bicep, and also cause pain to occur in the Biceps muscle.

C6-C7 Disc Herniation
Sensory Distribution: The index and middle fingers of the hand
Pain Area: Neck, shoulder, medial scapula (shoulder blades), lateral arm, dorsum forearm.
This herniation can cause a reflex change in the triceps , which in turn can manifest itself as pain in the triceps.

C7-T1 Disc Herniation
Sensory Distribution: Ring/ little fingers
Pain Area: Neck, scapula medial border (middle shoulder blade area), medial (middle) arm and forearm.
A C7-T1 herniation can cause pain in the intrinsic (thumb, inter meta carpal, smaller muscles) hand

T1-T2 Disc Herniation
Sensory Distribution: Medial (middle) arm and forearm
Pain Area: Neck, medial scapula border (mid shoulder blade), medial arm and forearm
This herniation can cause pain when moving the forearm, in flexion (palm towards the body), and flexion (palm goes away from the body).

When experiencing pain or when you have been diagnosed with cervical herniation, an important first step is no not panic. You must also realize that surgery isn’t always a necessity, and a non surgical approach has been shown to work for treating pain without invasive procedures.

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