What Does the Term Bulging Disc Mean?

Hi. My name is Dr. Steve Shoshany and I’m a chiropractor at Living Well
Medical. I’m going to talk about bulging discs. What is a bulging disc? What kind of
symptoms can you expect to have if you have a bulging disc and what I feel is the best treatment for someone who has a bulging disc?

To understand this, I want to talk a little bit about the anatomy. Here I have a motor unit which represents a bone, a bone, a nerve, and a disc. The disc is a gelatinous type material dr shoshany motor unit, bulging discand what happens is when the outer layers or the annular fibers start to weaken, the disc material can actually bulge or push in and can irritate very delicate and sensitive structures.

So a bulging disc is not as bad as a herniated disc but can still give you some kind of pain.
Usually the person that has a bulging disc has pain that if it’s in the lower back or lumbar
spine, it goes down into the butt, our buttocks and usually this can go lower. So the pain
isnt always in the same are as the herniated disc, the symptoms can go lower down the leg,
almost what we call a sciatica.

So both of those conditions, bulging and herniated discs can be successfully treated without surgery in most of the time using a combination of chiropractic care, physical therapy, and we use spinal decompression to help bring the disc material back in and strengthen the outer layers. We have great success in treating both bulging and herniated discs.


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